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2016 - Foundation

Deliveryman was founded in the highly competitive Ukrainian and Eastern European market as a small resale business. By providing exceptional and passionate service, and with a commitment to selling only authentic goods, we began to attract an increasing number of customers.

2018 - Higher Echelon

After 2 years of hard work, Deliveryman established the Beast Group, which revolutionized the Ukrainian and subsequently the Eastern European resale market for luxury and exclusive goods. By bringing the best stores into a business alliance built around Deliveryman, we created the first and largest alliance in the local market.

2019 - Key Innovations

In an ever-competitive market, Deliveryman became the first store to introduce an innovative website, revolutionizing the local market. That same year, Deliveryman, along with the Beast Group, participated in two major Eastern European fashion and resale events in Kyiv, enhancing our visibility to traditional buyers.

2020 - Market Leaders

With the support of the Beast Group, Deliveryman began to dominate the market. By 2020, we had become the top local market seller, offering highly innovative digital products exclusively to our customers. Even during the toughest lockdown periods, purchasing goods remained fully accessible remotely.

2022 - Back to Ground Zero

Since our primary operations in Eastern Europe were based in Ukraine, our business was significantly disrupted due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. We were unable to operate at full capacity for an extended period.

2023 - New Horizons

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